Saturday, May 25, 2013

Woman Warrior

Powerful woman warrior
fierce guardian of land, kin and home
let me honor you

As I write about the strong women in my novel, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate women warriors, with a haiku. Women today stand on the shoulders of these giants, those women who fought alongside men, women who fought to regain rights we lost due to patriarchal control on most of our cultures, and those whom are still fighting to this day to reclaim our rightful place as strong partners with our men as equals.
We have a long way to go until we are at that point. It is a fight we should not allow ourselves to be sidetracked from, a fight that owe to those strong women who stood before us.

In the name of all the powerful Goddesses of our Ancestors, I honor you!

Hail Hecate! Hail Athena! Hail Scathach!

Goddess Blessings to you all

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