Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Professional - A Haunting October Blogfest Story

Time for a Haunting October Blogfest Story! 

"The Professional" 

I take my job seriously.

While I find it arguably important, many might not agree, but I have never been someone whom cared too much what others thought of my activities. Trust me, that does not make me heartless, but I do know how to separate my personal feelings from my professional life.
After all I am a professional.

Sipping on my cappuccino, I watch her closely. She seems nervous, anxious for the same reason that I was watching her.
She is meeting him.
For the third time this week.

Usually I prefer not to do surveillance, I find the long hours of spying upon the deep secrets everyone keeps redundant and painstaking, but I did it this time. For this special client.
He was important after all.
And I owed him gratitude.
Not sure watching his wife cheat on him was the preferred way to pay him back, but if that is what he asked of me, and paid good money for, I would do it.
After all, I am a professional.

And there he is again, the well build young lover of hers, greeting her with the same smile, that seems to turn her from a serious woman in her mid 30’s  into a giddy teenager in love for the first time.

Stolen moments together.

They have no idea what is in store for them.


They had taken their time, as usual, in his small condo on the other side of town. The place was private and hidden, a perfect lovers nest.
A perfect place to hide from unseen eyes.
And a perfect place for me to hide from them.

Their routine was predicable, the time when lights when on and off in his bedroom coincided with the love making that occurred, then the light in in the open kitchen, living room area was illuminated to its fullest.
Sex and dinner.
Cheating makes hungry, so it seems.
I know, she was not expecting to having to leave this time, just like two weeks ago, her husband expected to travel half way around the world. She would relax after their meal, and fall asleep in his bed.



The darkness hides me well as I move smoothly around the quiet condo, but it does not slow me down. I know every inch of his place, know every placement of his furniture, just like I know his habits.
After all, I am a professional.

No one expects me to be here, their deaths quiet and efficient, no time for them to wake from their deep slumber, one last time.
One, two.
Shots, no sounds, the silencer doing its job as it is meant to.
Fast, clean, easy.

As I turn away from their bodies, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction. Another job well done. Another act fulfilled, in a methodical and efficient manner.

Some people need killers.
I provide that service.

I am a professional, after all.

© Claudia H. Blanton 2013

For more info on this blogfest, follow this link:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Catch Up Time - Haiku, Halloween Candy and Haunting, Oh My!

Can you catch time lost
dancing in the leaves of fall
before its too late? 

© Claudia Blanton 2013

Not to be confused with Ketchup, its always time for ketchup, but right now I am trying to get caught up with my weekly postings, so I am going to combine the Express Yourself (sorry I am late) with blog hop news and stuff.

All right, updates first.
I am participating in this years Wep Bloctober Fest Haunting on the 30th of October. As a part of this blog hop anything related to Halloween goes, and I already have the perfect little story planned. Really looking forward to this.

I am also absolutely, without a doubt participating in NaNoWriMo this year. There are books that have to be finished, and I am using this commitment to make it so. No more excuses, get er' done. That's it.

My other blog has not gotten as much of my attention as needed, because of the time I put in my writing and into trading (yes I wrote trading, as in stock market - there is a horror story right there), but I am planning on getting that under control as well. You can find the Shrine of Hecate blog by using the link on the top of the blog.

Now to Express Yourself - yay!

Well we were supposed to write about the favorite candy we enjoyed finding in our halloween bag, well I have a tie here between - drum roll please - Reeses and Almond Joy. Yes I know it is boring, but I like both. The spoiled rotten European part of me would prefer some Milka Chocolate, or some Lindt but hey that is a little unreasonable for a Halloween bag. And peanut butter as well as some coconut are always a winner. My kids would not agree, lol. My son is a Kitkat kind of person, while my daughter would prefer something salty, like pretzels.

So that's all for now folks. Hope you are having a wonderful week.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween - A Poem


Danger lurking in the street
Shadows you will never meet

Until the wrong turn in the night
Shapes fun into a frightful sight

Of bloody mayhem, torn apart
Mangled pieces of a heart

The spirits left to haunt the space
Float amongst us without grace

And merge with living souls to play
Creating terror on this day.

© Claudia Blanton 2013

However you choose to celebrate this holiday - Happy Hallween and blessed Samhain to all of you!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Celebrate The Small Things - Week of Oct. 26th - Celebrating Women's Rights

Running a little late this week with my celebrate the small things blog post, but out of reasons that are indeed reasons to celebrate. My husband is home and has off for the next few days, so we are celebrating by having a cook out (yesterday), taking the dogs to their favorite park and a picnic (today) and doing some fun shopping (tomorrow). So not much time online, but I am sure I will be back on a more regular blogging schedule once the short vacation is over.

I also wanted to celebrate the fact that I was born in (Germany) and live now (USA) in a country where we as women have fundamental  freedom, freedom to work without having to ask for permission of a male guardian, freedom to drive by ourselves, freedom to choose the clothes we wear. Of course there are important improvements and fights we as women still have to conduct in the US, such as the earnings gap and access to child care and abortion rights, but these are small compared to the challenges that the women in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan face.

The reason I chose to celebrate that today, was because I was inspired by the "protest" in Saudi Arabia for women's right to drive, which was scheduled for October 26th, and in solidarity with them.

Blessings to all of you


Friday, October 25, 2013

The Foster Home - A Friday Flash Horror Story

The prick on her finger produced a deep red drop of blood, but Danny resisted the urge to move it toward her mouth.
She had not expected it to hurt this bad.
What the heck.

“Oh hold still, you are such a baby.” Tess shook her head at the younger of the pair.
“Yeah right, and who was the one who got all squeamish earlier?”
“I don’t like guts and gore, all right? I prefer clean deaths, singular shot, a quick prick with a syringe filled with poison, a quick snap of the neck. Not the messy kind.”
“You mean my kind.”
“Oh don’t be such a baby, I did not mean to criticize your style of murder. You got the job done, all that matters. And your blood sugar is fine, hon. You don’t have diabetes. I told you not to listen to her bullshit.”
“Well now I don’t have to listen to her bullshit anymore, do I?”

Her friend laughed, looking toward the end of the hallway, where the closed door separated them from the still warm bodies.
“Want some of the cookies?”
“Nah, but that coffee smells good.”
She took a quick sip. “Taste good too - you want some?”

That was one thing the Tyrant had been really good at, making coffee, pouring it into the delicate flower cups with the thin golden rim and the tiny handle. Her favorite cups, which the kids were never allowed to touch unless there was a visit from the Department. Then, it was time for delicate cups, and delicate cookies, and beautiful clothes reserved for special occasions.

Tess shook her head, the blond strings of her hair moving down into her face, which she snapped back quickly,  a gesture Danny had come accustomed to over the last 10 years they known each other.

They were more sisters then friends, foster sisters, knowing each others greatest secrets and fears, discovering them one by one, as they were both held in this barbaric household, that had provided the perfect environment to create disturbed individuals.

Or killers.

They had spend most of their pre-teens and teenager years in this pretty home with so many secrets. Secret beatings, secrets starvation's, secret men who liked little girls. Hey the Tyrant knew how to make the most money out of her projects. She had been a business woman to the core.

That ugly lady with the crocked teeth but perfect smile, hiding behind that prim and proper exterior of Sunday school teacher dresses and gentle voice, the real monster only the children got to see.
On a regular basis.

But no more.
No more monster, no more beatings, no more days locked up in moldy closet in the basement.

Danny smiled and lifted up her head, glaring at her friend, whom freed the large and very sharp kitchen knife from blood and finger prints.

Free at last.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Moonlight At The Mountains - A Full Moon Poem

Moonlight At The Mountains

The Moon, one star
crickets in the trees,
light, there!
      -  Not far!


Quiet trees, swaying
only silence remaining
beneath the mountains
      -  What a beauty they are!

© Claudia Blanton 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Positively Grateful - A Celebrate The Small Things Blog Entry

Short pause of silence
deep gratitude warms the heart
dancing leaves of fall 

© Claudia Blanton 2013

Time for the weekly "Celebrate the small things"!

In this (again as usual) busy week, there are multitudes of things to be grateful for. 

We celebrated some special accomplishments in my husband's business. Being a business owner in turbulent times can be trying, but we are so grateful for the opportunities that we receive. We are also grateful for having a support system that allows this en-devour to be a lot easier then if we would have to do it all alone. 

I am grateful to have the chance to learn something really interesting and new to me, which is binary option trading. Not exactly what I would have seen myself study about, if you had asked me 10 years ago, but I am exited to see where that will take me.

I am also very grateful for my online support. I am happy to be a part of a few very positive groups, that make it easy to share and care for one another, even if we live in some cases half around the country or even the globe. 

I am grateful that I live in a time where I can choose to express myself on a place like this blog, where I have had the pleasure to come accross the most interesting people from a variety of backgrounds. What a wonderful way to learn and explore! 

Now it is your turn - and do not forget to check out the other blogs who also participate in this blog roll (just check the blog roll page above for a list)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Silence - A Friday Flash Fiction Horror Story

Blood, all this blood! How glorious! Never before had she seen so much blood, covering the living room carpet with a completeness that was satisfying. The absolute heavenly silence brought a smile to her face. Finally no shouting, no demeaning expressions, no sarcastic laughs. Only silence.

Even the outdoors seemed to participate in the hushed observation of the death that had occurred here. Her fathers pistol rested in her hand, sun reflecting upon its black surface, glittering.
She had never seen anything so beautiful. Their bodies curved together in an harmonious way that eluded them in live, a graceful piece of art, dead flesh in its lifeless form creating beauty within the Spartan living quarters.

The time had come when it all was enough, when she could no longer ignore the incredible cruelness they had embodied. Action needed to follow the years of devilish noise that always moved through the corridors and rooms of the small dreary home. Time had come to stop hiding in her room, tuning out words of hatred directed toward anyone within shouting distance, toward her, toward neighbors, even strangers. Time had come to stop all of this. Time for silence.

Everything had been perfectly planned. The reason to spend time together in their dinning room. The special tablecloth covering the scratch marks of the old table, the better china placed upon it, waiting for her own creation. Glances toward her purse, where the Magnum waited, while one last chance was given, one last chance to experience something that she knew would never come from them. Again, no kind words. Another meal filled with hatred, while she stayed polite.

She had excused herself to the bathroom, holding the weight of the weapon in her hands, filled with anticipation, then stepped toward them, determined to create silence.

The astonished look as the Magnum raised toward his face, then hers was fascinatingly free of anger, but full of confusion. She smiled at them as she pulled the trigger - one, two, simple, quick. Then silence. Glorious blood.

Gently placing the weapon upon her father's desk her smile deepened as she stepped over his body toward the kitchen. How much better would desert taste in the midst of silence!

© Claudia Blanton 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Positive Voice - Using Affirmations For Writers

writer's block dreaded
empty page in front of me
stuck in the process

© Claudia Blanton 2013 

As Writers we can be our own worst enemy. Our internal dialogue can be more defeating then those of our critiques, and also very disabling in our writing process.
I am no exception, spending days in self-doubt rather then progressing through a story, second-guessing every word until I squeeze the last bit of joy of putting words onto a page, until it feels more like bleeding then a creative form of expression.

One way I have come across to combat this down-spiral of self-condemning and destructive inner dialogue, is via Affirmation.

Affirmations, specifically for Writers are an expression of self-love, that allows us to free our internal conversations toward a more productive and positive goal.

In my search for these specific types of affirmations, I have come across a few websites whom have touched the topic as well as offered some affirmation examples.

Balboa Press (a division of Hay House Publishing) offers 5 specific affirmations to get back into the flow of the process here:

Bryan Hutchinson from Positive Writer also adds affirmations while speaking about our inner voice:

Writer's Relief offers practical advice on how to use the affirmations most effectively

while the following site allows you to write (with some help) an instant "Writer's Affirmation Poem:

Have a wonderful and positive day!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Parted Lover - A Poem

Parted Lover

Now that I am gone, will you still hear
my voice, as it slowly fades from this
world to another?
Will you remember the embrace we shared
on the carpet of flowers, at the edge of hill?
The sun-birds darting in and out, fast
before the rain comes, and our life ends.

     Oh Love -

can you hear my whisper, slow and steady,
my words reaching for you as my lips had once done
while you watch, as they lower my body below.

© Claudia Blanton 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Express Yourself - Favorite Halloween Costume

This weeks writing prompt is "What is your favorite Halloween costume ever (yes, you've had to worn it)?

 I grew up in Germany, during which time Halloween was not a popular holiday, and pretty much no one would dress up. We celebrated - or better said acknowledged - November 1st, honoring those whom passed before us, but we did not dress up, which in that context would have also not been appropriate.

We had another opportunity for that. In February Carnival was (and still is) a big thing, with children's parties organized by the different clubs in many cities. During this time we would dress up, similar to what is done during Halloween. There my favorite costume ever was a pretty colonial style dress - think Gone with the Wind, the children's version. It was maroon, and made me feel like a princess, even if I did not win any prizes for best costume. Best costume price usually went to someone who spend a fortune on it, and my Dad would have never allowed that. Not that he couldn't, he would have considered it a waste. But still, I loved the dress. And for a kid with low self-esteem, it was a pretty cool deal.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Flash Fiction - Art


“I don't think her head should be able to be in this position.”
With a swift and graceful motion, the older woman turned toward her daughter, and was instantly overwhelmed by the beauty standing in front of her. No matter how many times she looked at the 12 year old, she was never less amazed that there was something so magnificent in her life. Even though she was wearing a white painters coat, while paint dripped from her palette onto her  growing toes, coloring them sky blue.
“Dear, in art nothing is limited by the restrain, that life carries with it.”
Her daughter nodded, her eyes fixated on the project her mother was working on.
Dee smiled at her love child, then turned her attention back onto her own work.

“How is your project evolving?”
“Beautifully blue. I think that is what I will call it, Mom, beautifully blue.”
“Very poetic.”

For a minutes, both women turned silent fixating on each of their work, motioning with strong strokes, bold movements and grand positioning. As always when they worked together, creativity filled the room with such powerful energy, that it was almost visible.

And then it was. Manifesting itself in the creations they shared.
Dee smiled again and stepped back, making sure she could see now both pieces from her vantage point, the largeness of the room allowing her to do that with ease.

She was pleased, very pleased indeed.

Poised onto the large canvases in front of them where the positioned body of a young, naked and very dead  woman, and her now, equally dead and very blue dog.

“Mom, when can we go hunting again, for our next project?”
The mother's smiled deepened, sharpened with an edge of pride as she looked upon her child.
“Soon, my dearest, soon. I promise, soon. “

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Celebrate The Small Things

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,
but the parent of all the others
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Well I am a little late with the weekly celebrate the small things post. Better late then never, right?

This week I am grateful:
that we are able to buy my daughter a new computer, now that her older one broke.
having friends in the right places
a positive attitude
the fact that this was again a very productive week
quiet time in the mornings

What are you celebrating this week?

Blessings to you!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Flash Short Horror Story - I Begged You

I begged you to stay with me.
I pleaded, promised, swore to give you everything you wanted.
I was at my best, not that I am not mostly my best, but I went further in my request for you to stay with me. I did everything I could think of, even some things I could not think of on my own.
On my quest to convince you, I went on the internet, borrowed relationship books from the library, spoke with family and friends.
I took their advice, I applied it.
I worshiped your every step.
I begged you to stay with me.

Your response what not what I expected.

But I am sure you did not expect how I would handle it.
I am sure of that, I made sure of that.
You see, I have never allowed you to see what I am capable off, not wanting to scare you and all. Oh, I did scare you a  little before, but just a little. I did let you see me follow you, send you flowers in places you did not think I knew you went to.
That was the fun little scare.
An exiting scare.

Still, you did not know what I could do to you.
Because you also did not know one of the most important things about me.
 No one tells me no.
No one does, not even you.
 It does not matter how much you begged me at the end, because I know another secret, that you had to learn the hard way.

If I can't have you, no one can.

© Claudia Blanton 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Express Yourself! Favorite Books

This weeks "Express Yourself" Challenge is to write the 1st liners of  books we really enjoy. As a book lover (I better be as I am claiming for myself the label "Author") , and a part of a family of book lovers, it was not so easy to choose which ones I was going to post about. I did narrow it down a little - just to keep this list from going out of hand.

Here we go!

In the first few minutes of Catherine Talbert's escape, she did her very best to be as quiet as possible. She thought he was gone, but she wasn't at all certain of that, and in her terror she just wanted to run.

Okay, that is two sentences - but once I read those two sentences, I wanted more - and my obsession with Kay Hooper's books was a given. The above line is the opening of the first chapter of her book "Haven" and is a part of a series of books, second one to be released in November - I can hardly wait!

It crawled along the air that hung heavy as wet wool over the glade.

Nora Roberts - Blood Brothers. A lot darker then I expected from a woman who is famous for writing romance novels - and I am not a fan of that genre. I was as in my late teens. Now I am more of a dark fantasy kind of gal.

Okay last one:

As I have seen the world through Witch's eyes, I have been fortunate enough to live each moment of my life with the knowledge and deep feeling that the globe I walk upon feels my step, hears my voice and answers in return.

This one is from a non-fiction book called "Celebrate The Earth" by Laurie Cabot.

This was a fun little post to write, now it is your turn. What are your favorite first lines in books?

Blessings to You!

P.S. I will participate this year in the "Broomsticks On The Bayoo" Halloween Blog Party, and you are invited!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Poem - I Still Fly

I Still Fly

The scars
You left
Remind me
That I am
Then you ever
Moving forward
All of your
To clip

© Claudia H. Blanton 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Celebration

This weeks Five Sentence Fictions Theme is Celebration.

The following is my little contribution.

Celebrating Love

The tears blinded her, making it impossible to see his loving eyes clearly.
She never thought it would come to this moment, never imagined that she would loose herself in the arms of a person.
But then she met him, and everything changed.
Nodding quickly at the love of her life in front of her, on his knees, she found herself falling into his embrace.
Time to celebrate the beginning of their forever together.

If you want to know more about Five Sentence Fiction, follow the link here:

Friday, October 4, 2013

Celebrating The Small Things

This sure has been one of those make lemonade weeks!
Despite the many ups and downs of a rather turbulent work week, I had to find some time for some gratitude. Running across a blog roll called "Celebrate The Small Things" was just the inspiration I needed. What a wonderful idea to take a moment to celebrate our small and large successes, and share them with others, so we can all inspire and encourage each other.
If you want to connect with the other bloggers that are a part of the blog roll, check out my blog roll page. 

So lets celebrate together, shall we?

This week I am celebrating:
  • connecting with fellow writers from #fridayflash
  • that the skinny little cat that found itself on our doorsteps a few weeks ago, is now a healthy, growing cat, who seems to love his new home and life as an indoor cat. 
  • finding inspiration when I am not looking for it - watching others succeed just inspire me to move closer toward my goals. 
  • how easy it is to connect to people all over the world, whom I otherwise would never come in contact with. How much these interactions have touched my little corner of the Universe. I am so glad to have connected with YOU!
Your turn now - what are you celebrating? 

Hugs and blessings! 

Where The Wild Things Grow

Where The Wild Things Grow

Find me, where the wild things grow
beneath the darkness
shattered only by the light of the moon

Alive I feel here,
in the midst of the cycles of life,
growing as they grow, letting go as they let go

Meet me, where the Gods reside
in the midst of creation far removed from the
walls of concrete and steel,

             trading warmth
                          for the lifelessness of human fabrications.

© Claudia Blanton 2013

Friends - A Friday Flash Short Story

A New Friend

He wasn’t such a scary fellow. Ugly maybe, but whom was I to judge him by his looks? Too many people tended to judge people by their appearance. But I knew better.
His eyes, not meeting mine for more then a second at a time, where big and full of mistrust. Hair, thick and unkempt, covered up most of his distorted face, his body bent forward in a mixture of agony and malformation. As he reached for the spindle, his broken left hand was surprisingly capable of doing the deed in front of him. Again he glanced, and again the glance ended as quickly as it had begun.

“I will do what you asked for.”
His voice, as broken as his body was soft, but determined.
“I am sure you will.”
“And you will do as promised.”, he demanded.
“As I always do.”
He paused, then nodded, continuing to work the spindle, swiftly, with a confidence that defied his outer appearance and demeanor. Two minutes later, he stopped, his crackling voice echoing through the silence “Why?”
“Why, what?”, I answered.
“Why do you watch?”
“Because I am curious.”
"Ahh"., he murmured, beginning to move again, repeating the motion that was so hard for able body me, and easy for challenged him. Another two minutes passed in utter silence. Stopping as suddenly as the first time, he glared at me longer, his green eyes darkening, as they penetrated through me, to my core.
“Why?” he asked once more.
“Why, what?”
“Why do you care?”
“Because you are interesting.”
“You have no fear?”, he questioned, surprised
“I feel no reason to fear you.”

He stroked his hair away from his misshapen cheek bones, pinning it behind his large ears, nodding, then with what was a twisted smile, that despite its broken shaped showed a kindness, apparent and deep.
“Then forgive me, my Lady. You have nothing to fear. And you owe me nothing for my work.”, his voice stronger this time, as he straightened as much as he was able to.
I smiled back at him, stretching my hand toward the old figure in front of me.
“So I shall give you my friendship, dear Sir, if you wish.”
“I would be honored indeed.”
We shook hands, swiftly, with the same efficiency, with which he had moved the spindle.
“What may I call you Sir?”, I dared to asked?

© Claudia Blanton 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Choose Me - A Poem

There should
Never be
An attempt
To tame
And bend
That which
Is meant
To be
In your freedom
You might
As your
I will know

© Claudia H. Blanton 2013