Saturday, October 26, 2013

Celebrate The Small Things - Week of Oct. 26th - Celebrating Women's Rights

Running a little late this week with my celebrate the small things blog post, but out of reasons that are indeed reasons to celebrate. My husband is home and has off for the next few days, so we are celebrating by having a cook out (yesterday), taking the dogs to their favorite park and a picnic (today) and doing some fun shopping (tomorrow). So not much time online, but I am sure I will be back on a more regular blogging schedule once the short vacation is over.

I also wanted to celebrate the fact that I was born in (Germany) and live now (USA) in a country where we as women have fundamental  freedom, freedom to work without having to ask for permission of a male guardian, freedom to drive by ourselves, freedom to choose the clothes we wear. Of course there are important improvements and fights we as women still have to conduct in the US, such as the earnings gap and access to child care and abortion rights, but these are small compared to the challenges that the women in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan face.

The reason I chose to celebrate that today, was because I was inspired by the "protest" in Saudi Arabia for women's right to drive, which was scheduled for October 26th, and in solidarity with them.

Blessings to all of you


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