Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Flash Fiction - Art


“I don't think her head should be able to be in this position.”
With a swift and graceful motion, the older woman turned toward her daughter, and was instantly overwhelmed by the beauty standing in front of her. No matter how many times she looked at the 12 year old, she was never less amazed that there was something so magnificent in her life. Even though she was wearing a white painters coat, while paint dripped from her palette onto her  growing toes, coloring them sky blue.
“Dear, in art nothing is limited by the restrain, that life carries with it.”
Her daughter nodded, her eyes fixated on the project her mother was working on.
Dee smiled at her love child, then turned her attention back onto her own work.

“How is your project evolving?”
“Beautifully blue. I think that is what I will call it, Mom, beautifully blue.”
“Very poetic.”

For a minutes, both women turned silent fixating on each of their work, motioning with strong strokes, bold movements and grand positioning. As always when they worked together, creativity filled the room with such powerful energy, that it was almost visible.

And then it was. Manifesting itself in the creations they shared.
Dee smiled again and stepped back, making sure she could see now both pieces from her vantage point, the largeness of the room allowing her to do that with ease.

She was pleased, very pleased indeed.

Poised onto the large canvases in front of them where the positioned body of a young, naked and very dead  woman, and her now, equally dead and very blue dog.

“Mom, when can we go hunting again, for our next project?”
The mother's smiled deepened, sharpened with an edge of pride as she looked upon her child.
“Soon, my dearest, soon. I promise, soon. “

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