Friday, November 29, 2013

Revenge - A Friday Flash Horror Story

"You really thought you were going to get away with this? You really thought I wasn't going to be upset?"
She pointed the shotgun at him, and his panicked eyes moved between the nozzle and her face.
"I didn't think...."
"Of course you didn't. You never thought. You never thought about how I would feel when you killed him. Just like you never thought that I would check up on you, be smart enough to uncover all of your secrets and lies. You know what your problem is always has been? You never thought!"
She spit the words into his direction with an deep hatred, that had been bottled up for a long time.
12 years.
12 wasted years.
God, it felt good to finally be able to openly say, what she had wanted to say for so very long.
"Did you think of the children? Did you think of what it would do to them? They loved him! They adored him."
"I thought he was going to hurt me"
"He would have never hurt you, never. He would have never hurt any of us. He was loyal, sweet, and caring. He was better then you. And I should have seen that. Unconditional love, Jerry. He showed unconditional love, something you have never been capable off."

She shot him in the knee before he could finish his sentence. His wail of pain surged through the emptiness of their property, disappearing in the darkness of the forest, that surrounded them.
"No one can hear you, dear, remember? No one cares. Isn't that what you always told us? No one ever loved you as much as the One you just killed."
"Do not speak my name!"

She shot him again, his other knee busting, the torn flesh twisted on the concrete floor of their garage.
His garage.
"Bea, please" he moaned.
"No Jerry, I had enough. I had it with you, the kids had it with you, we all do. You did this to yourself, Jerry. And now it is time for you to leave."

Without waiting for anymore begging wails, she stepped closer toward her tormented husband, and shot him in the face.

Dropping the weapon, she turned quickly and ran toward the motionless figure laying on their front lawn.
He was dead, and all he had wanted was to protect her.
From him, from the monster her husband had become.
Or always had been.

Gently she picked up the sweet, heavy body of her furry creature into her arms, laying snout against her chest, her sobbing shaking both of them, while her tears wet the short trimmed fur of her dead, beloved chocolate lab.

© Claudia H. Blanton 2013


  1. No one thinks a murder as through as they ought. That's what law, pathology and history have taught us.

    1. true, we do a lot without actually thinking passed the initial action, but how it would influence the broad amount of people we actually are influencing and effecting with our actions, thanks for stopping by, John

  2. I reckon the guy asked for it, labradors are one of the gentlest breeds of dog I have ever come across.

    1. I am sure he did. They are the sweetest, aren't they?

  3. Given the amount of projection abusers are often guilty of, I'm not surprised at all he thought a chocolate lab was going to attack him. I'm also not surprised it's what made her snap.

    Great set-up, and great job on suspending the reader's disbelief!

    1. thank you Katherine, actually found a few typos after I read your comment, but have them fixed now. Projection is a concept many are not aware of, you are right, abusers tend to do that often. Blessings!

  4. I love labs, he deserved what he got! ^_^ Nice twist to the story by the way.