Friday, November 22, 2013

The Picture - A Friday Flash Short Story

the following story is from a challenge to write with the following picture as a prompt. The short story was meant to be 145 to 155 words. You can find out more about this writing challenge here. 

The Picture

I miss her with every fiber of my being.
I keep holding on to the only thing that is left of the live we have spend together, the only thing I own - a picture of her.
What would live have been like if she would not have walked down that alley? The choices she made, the death she endured, let me to here.
If I can not spent the prime of my life with the love and reason for my life, it has become devout of meaning.

Maybe it’s meaning can be found again here, in the stillness of this place, in the connection with faith and nature.
But to experience that I must let go off you, and I will never be able to let go off you, not with the depth required of me.
I wonder if they know?
How can they not know?

© Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2013


  1. Thoughtful, and a great take on the prompt.

  2. A very sad story, Claudia. One would hope for the narrator that time will be the great healer it is said to be.