Friday, November 29, 2013

Zombies Among Us

There are zombies amongst us. I have compiled a list of the types that have been recently discovered:

Ice Zombies
Zombies whom forgot how to care about the plight of other zombies - see Koch Brothers

Stiff Zombies (also known as Stiffs)
Those who can not see other zombie's point of view as being valid. Very inflexible beings.

Overindulgent Zombies
Will eat anything and anyone in their way. They tend to be the most prevelant around the winter holiday season.

Coward Zombies
Those whom hide in the corner, while the herd of zombies in front of them devours everything in their paths. Usually pertains to zombies who think that pretending that the mayhem around is not there, makes it go away.

War Zombies
Used to invade other countries to turn them into their own brand of zombies, so they can be assimilated.

Vampire Zombies
Zombies who will suck the last bit of blood out of anyone, after slowly destroying the brain - also known as Fox News

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