Saturday, November 30, 2013

Celebrate The Small Things - Winter Holiday Edition

It's celebrate the small things time again!

For those of you who do not know about this blog hop, it was created by VikLit to which we usually add every Friday (I know I am a day late, sorry) a small list of what we are exited and grateful about from the previous week.

This week, I am enjoying a warm day within the midst of coldness. I am glad that it is today, considering that today is Hecate Trivia, a celebration of the Goddess Hecate, whom I honor as a part of my spiritual path. I will be leaving an offering outside once it is dark, and the weather is perfect for that.

Also I am celebrating that I have been working a lot on polishing the two blogs I run as well as the associated social network presence. I got some really good tips from a few other bloggers and articles that I will work through and implement, so that shall be fun.

I am celebrating that I found a few books that I will be reading over the next few days - time permitting. They are all e-books, some non-fiction, others fiction. I will most likely post about them, once I have read some of them. Always fun to read.

So why don't you join us for the "Celebrate The Small Things" blog hop and have a wonderful week!



  1. It's great to get some tips from others you feel you can implement! Yay!

    1. glad you stopped by, dear one! Have a wonderful Sunday and Holiday Season!