Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Ultimate Power - A Flash Horror Story

The Ultimate Power - A Flash Fiction Story

Ultimate power.
What a wonderful presents to receive for one's 18th birthday.
Or was it?

Terry contemplated his next move.
Should he use this gift for his own gain? Play the lottery and get the winning ticket? Bet on horses? Sleep with Beth?
He sat upon the old, worn out couch of his mother's, the flowery cushions barely softening his seat.
How about revenge on Master Stevenson, the bastard who drove over his beloved cat?
Another option would be to take care of that freaking eye sore of a house across the street, INCLUDING the loud brat pack that lived there, finally allowing him to sleep through one entire night.
Being rich and famous could be interesting as well.
Choices, so many choices.
Terry smiled and closed his eyes.
Trying to decide alone would be fun beyond measure, more fun then he had in a long time.
But of course, after his nap.


James gazed upon his sleeping brother.
The Chosen One.
The First Born.
If he would have been the first born, the gift of Ultimate Power would have bestowed upon HIM.
HE would have been the one making choices, not Terry.
And he would have made them faster then that boy in front of him.
It was not fair, never fair, his entire life always playing the second fiddle was bad enough, but this was the last straw.
He could not take it anymore.
Not for one more second.


Diving the Henkel's Chef knife into his brothers abdomen was easier then expected. The quality of the knife his mother always praised, loudly proclaiming her prize possession, was a perfect murder weapon after all.
Easy to handle, not too heavy, not too light, a masterful balance.
The blood soaked the flowery couch and cushions, but he was not too concerned about that.
His mother deserved a new couch anyway.
Picking up the box that contained the Ultimate Power, he grinned from ear to ear.
Yeah, getting rid of everything in this dump would be the second thing he would do with his gift.
After all, he was now The Chosen One.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2013

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