Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Line - A Flash Fiction Dark Fantasy

A Line - A Flash Fiction Story

"Do not cross the line."
Most of us have been told not to cross a line. Usually it is meant metaphorically, designed to keep people in check.
Not in our family.
No one crossed our line. None of us dared.
While were not told any details, the stories of what would happen to us, should we dare to cross it, where as variable as our personalities.
Some of us considered trying it out.
According to family records, some did.
But none reported back to tell us what was behind the line.
They never made it back.

Still on this side of the line, live was not that bad. We had everything we needed, everything we could even wish for. Isolated, but cared for, we went on our marry way, each and every day, just like everyone else would. Following through on our duties, getting married, raising children. Live happily until our old age. Usually until very old age, as our family was filled with seniors that grazed our presence until well into their 90's.

But the line was always there.
Starring us in the face, taunting us, warning us of a world on its other side.
Questions arose and where forgotten, not answered with anything but knowing smiles of those whom had more knowledge then the person questioning.
Those who even dared to ask.
Most of us did not.
Most of us just lived.
And did not cross the line.

Maybe it was my red hair, which gave my grandfather the inclination to call me his Fire-Child. Maybe it was that I was named after the Greek Goddess of War, Athena. Or maybe it was all that and the combination of my youth that did not allow me to stay silent about a rule that was never explained, never questioned, never disobeyed.
I was different.
I questioned everything.

And got punished plenty for that.
But it did not matter to me. Everything was better then to follow mindless rules and standards, I did not choose.
After all, I was Athena, the Firechild.

I waited until everyone was busy with their duties. Bustling amongst themselves, absorbed by their routines that felt as restraining as leather reigns that held a bucking horse.
The steps through the garden were crossed quickly, and I stood before what was the chance to move toward the unknown.
A last glance upon my family, a breath, and I, the Firechild stepped beyond was, into the New.



  1. I wondered if they lived next to a minefield until the narrator name-dropped Athena. Those lines could be very dangerous!

    1. Minefield is an interesting take, I like it - or is it a cult whom tells its followers that there is evil outside, when reality is there is nothing to fear but fear itself? Thanks for stopping by, John!

  2. Just what it needs, a fiery, spirited child to go where no-one else dare.
    That sign would be just like a big red button bearing the words "Do not press"

    Have a very happy Christmas Claudia. :)

    1. I think I resonated with her because I am that Firechild always going where someone says, Do not cross - happy holidays to you as well, Steve