Thursday, December 26, 2013

Book Review - Language Development - How to Use Activities for Toddlers to Boost Language Development by Roei Peled

Book Review - Language Development for Toddlers by Roei Peled
Language Development by Roei Peled
I was invited by the Author to review this book, as he is a part of a writing group I belong to. As a person who has as an extensive background in early childhood development and homeschooling, I was wary about a book written by a lay person about the subject.

I found this book to be an interesting read, that could be an informative book for those new to the subject of language development of toddlers. His insight born out of necessity is written in a caring way, asking the parent to engage completely with the child, no matter if they are right on track in their development or delayed.
The only concern I have about this book is the lack of expert information. It would have been nice for the Author to back up some of his claims, such as the individual stages of development, by quoting an expert in the field to give his account more credibility. Considering that he writes about such an important subject, expert verification is an important addition necessary to ease a parents concerns.

Overall I feel very comfortable sharing this book with a new parent, who might have general questions about their child's language development.

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