Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Redemption - A Flash Fiction Horror Story

Redemption - A Short Horror Story

I ask for redemption, but it did not come.
No answer arrived and no ways could wash my sins away.
I had to do something, take action before the anger that had fueled my previous acts would reveal their ugly result.
Nothing, nothing I would do would unburden that within me, I thought, nothing, but sweet relief might come if I followed the plan He laid before me.
Unless, redemption would take a heavenly form.
I prayed, that night, long and hard, longer and harder then I ever had before, making sure that my words where chosen carefully.
Unlike other nights, the silence that engulfed my life was darker and emptier then usual.
Answers did not arrive.
Signs stayed away.
But the anger and the need for redemption remained.
What else did I need to do, to deserve to move on?
I began to beg on my knees, the tears of my soul pouring upon the smooth floor of the room, wearing me out, until I could do nothing but sleep.
Did He hear me at all? Was I now alone in the world, forgotten by the Most Powerful One?


The morning light revealed itself upon the bare concrete floor, uncovering every inch of imperfection as the previous night had shown within  me.
I knew now what I had to do. I knew now, that I was asked to give to others, that which I could not find within myself.

Warmer in thought and heart, I gloated in the midst of this new certainty, until it filled me completely, elating my every fiber, growing like the strong sunlight that poured more and more into the barren room.

Raising myself off my knees, I smiled, turning toward the mesmerizing sight behind me, just as the sunlight touched her tear stricken face, her hands still bound above her head, bound, wounded and filled with sin.
Carefully choosing my tools, I wondered if her blood would reflect or absorb the light.


  1. Oh dear, it seems there are terrible deeds about to be done.

    1. I smell the beginning of a serial killer - thanks for stopping by Steve!

  2. The narrator is most definitely not in his right mind. I love how you showed he's separated "being in the wrong" from the act that's making him in the wrong.

    Happy Yule!

    1. he is everything, but in the right mind, you are right about that, Katherine - Happy Yule to you as well

  3. Oh someone's a little unhinged me thinks ^_^ He plans nothing nice I fear. Merry Christmas ^_^