Friday, December 13, 2013

The Pendant - A Friday Flash Horror Story

The Pendant - A Horror Story

The line to the pendant was long, as it was every year.
Our family was growing, after all, and everyone who was old enough to read, took part of the yearly blessing.
As usual we were exited, the chatter in the line was loud enough, that Grandma turned our way frequently, hushing, finger pressed at her lips, which were curved with the light and kind smile that grazed them often.
Oh how much we loved these moments!
Presents where already opened, our stomachs comfortably filled with the feast of ham, and sausages, duck and stuffing, pie and cookies which we had indulged in earlier. As a family filled with wonderful cooks who’s love poured in each morsel of deliciousness,  we savored food, gatherings and the warmth that came with it.
Never was there more then  a stern word, never did our families table be disgraced by quarrels, that occurred in so many families during the holiday season. We all really wanted to be there.
To enjoy each other.
And - to receive our blessing.

We knew that with each word the pendant revealed, another great year was brought forth, it’s power sharing a favor, that would resonate throughout each day of the coming year.
Last year, laughter had been the most common word and indeed the joyful sharing of fun had been more exhilarating then I could ever remember.
The anticipation was great, watching one by one moving closer toward my Grandfather whom held precious pendent that had been in our family for as long as anyone could remember.
It was beautiful, delicately gold framed, with an interior that appeared to be onyx, but no one was quite sure, as its depth when stared upon any other day, then the holy day of the Solstice, seemed endless and all consuming. The small sapphires sparkled in the sunlight, that glowed through the open bay window, our hairs moving gently in the soft breeze.
Two more before me.
One more.

A scream pierced the light scene, swallowing our living room with a darkness it had never embraced before. The chill in the air was felt by everyone whom had frozen in midst movement, their eyes gazed toward the blackness of the pendant whom for the first time held more then one thought, as it directed it self toward my older sister.
No one moved, no one seemed able to move, so I broke through to look upon the dreaded words that had brought forth a scream, and it was my turn to be consumed with chill.
“All Fun Must Find An End”, I read allowed, my words seeming to remove the spell of silence from the room, as everyone poured toward the scene to get a glimpse of the words I had spoken.
Everyone but my sister.
I turned toward her, as she had not moved since her uttering of despair, frozen more then we all had been, stiff and cold, staring forward toward my Grandfather, who whispered her name, then louder and louder.
“Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, NAADDIIIIIINEEE!”
I looked up to find her beautiful gaze, only to be rewarded by the black emptiness of the pendant, now borne deeply into her eyes.

Claudia Blanton Copyright 2013


  1. Oh that has a nice build up of tension. I guess the motto from now on is don't look at the pendant just in case!

    I think I may have found a typo " its depth when starred upon any other day" did you mean stared?

    Btw I don't think I've said welcome to friday flash - better late than never eh! ;)

    1. thank you Helen, and yes I did mean stared, thanks for pointing it out. Blessings and happy holidays!

  2. Poor Nadine, she may be the first of many to succumb?

    It would seem there are dark days ahead for the family.

    1. oh, I think so too, Steve. Glad you stopped by, thank you!

  3. Deceptively light, then terrible and dark in the ending. I wonder where the pendant came from, what deal was made originally, and what payment was promised...

    1. good question, John - there is always a price isn't it? Wonder if it was deliberately forgotten or deception on the part of the giver of the pendant. Glad you enjoyed the story - blessings and Happy Holidays!

  4. Interesting. Nice build-up. I like the ending.

  5. [shiver] some traditions just aren't worth it. Nice rendering.