Friday, December 6, 2013

Stolen Moments - A Friday Flash Fiction Romance

Stolen Moments  - A Short Romance

“I am not sure how I can go on home, pretending everything is okay.”
“I know you can. You are the strongest person I know.”
“Not without you.”
“You are not without me.”
“You will be hear, three flight hours away, and I will be home with him. I am not sure I want to go home. I feel torn.”
“Yes you want to.  For now.”
“I wonder if we ever learn to let go. How long it will take us to move forward.”
“You know I can't answer that.”
She sighed, and he smiled, kissing her gentle with a longing that always aroused a mixture of passion and sadness in her.
He could not have her.
She could not have him.
They both had to go back to a life they did not want to live.
Stolen moments.
A few hours, sometimes a day or two, together.
Their hearts never really apart.

“He won't really notice that I am back. Not that he ever notices me anymore.”
“Too busy with managing your wealth, I guess.”
“You mean spending it.”
“Why don't you cut him off?”
“Because.. “, her voice trailed off.
“Because you feel obligated. Because his family helped you, so you could get to the point of being as successful as you are. Because you think he was here for you, when you had nothing.”
“All true“, she answered with resignation.
“Still, you know better then to allow him to take advantage of your wealth and your fame.”
“Bestselling novelists are not famous.”
Some are, you are. Ever heard of Stephen King?"
“Very funny, Dan.”
She paused touching his cheek gently, as he closed his eyes for a second at her loving touch..
“Leave her.”
“I can't, you know that.”, his voice heavier with sadness then before.
“I will not leave a dying woman alone in her last few weeks of life.”
“She has lived longer then expected, two years longer.”
“Because she is a fighter.”
“You still love her.”
“No, but I do care for her. She is kind. Almost too kind.”
Mary sighed and rested her head on his chest.
They stood in silence for a moment, until the beeping of the alarm set on her smart phone brought them back to reality.

“You have to go. Don't miss your flight.”
She kissed him once more gentle but short, then straightened herself, her face now filled with the professional smile she put forth most of the time.
Unless she was with him.

Stolen moments.

“Call me.”
Not waiting for his answer, she walked quickly through the front door.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2013


  1. I recently had a statistician posit that about 3/5's of the U.S. don't know who Stephen King is. I'd still take being known by 2/5's as famous, though!

    1. now that is a sad statistic, thanks for stopping by, John!

  2. I can't help but think that it will all end in tears.

  3. Oh such a sad situation for them all!

    I think I spotted a typo for you "They both had to go back to a life they did not want to life." Did you mean that last life to be live?

    1. Thanks for catching that, Helen, fixed it. Yes it is indeed a no win situation, nothing cut and dry, no clear "bad" person either, just people with issues looking for some kind of love, and relief. Hugs!

  4. Yeah, this isn't going to end well. For one thing, I'm totally not convinced the "dying woman" is actually dying! The way you portrayed it was great, though!

    1. I seriously doubt it too, Katherine, thanks!