Friday, December 27, 2013

Crossing - A Friday Flash Fiction Dark Fantasy

Crossing - A Flash Fiction Story

She lit another candle amongst a sea of candles.
“Another one already?”
She nodded quietly, then finished her silent prayer to the Gods. Turning toward the older gentlemen she smiled sadly.
"The seventh in three days."
"It is  an epidemic then?”
“Indeed. I wish there was something more I could do.”
Charon placed his hands on her shoulders, feeling her shiver, and rubbed them gently.
“You are doing all that you can do for them, love. How long have you been out here?”
She shrugged, overlooking the now dark pavilion with distant gaze.
“A while, probably. I do not remember. It was light. I have to..”
She turned, but he held her gently, forcing the younger woman to look at him.
“You can not forget to take care of yourself, Medina.”
Quietly she nodded again, but turned.
“I will, Dad, I will. But for now I need to help them. I need to aid the Dead.”

(Charon or Kharon was the ferryman whom in Greek mythology transported the dead to the Underworld. In my story, I imagined his daughter as a Priestess aiding those who passed unexpectedly from illness, through prayers and offerings to the Gods in their behalf).


  1. This packs a lot of punch with so few words, Claudia. A nicely written new twist on an old legend.

  2. Nice of the boatman of the dead to lend comfort in hard times.

    1. I never thought of the Gods and their subjects as not being able to show the same range of emotions as the humans that created them through their mythologies. He cares for his daughter and through her for her subjects. Blessings - and thanks for stopping by, John.

  3. I like your imagination, and find it plausible for the daughter of Charon to be a priestess aiding those her father transports to the Underworld. Just a few sentences, but well written!

    1. thank you very much Estrella - glad you stopped by!

  4. I loved this depiction! I guess from Charon's point of view the only downside is he'll be busier for the next while, although maybe it doesn't register with him.

    1. Glad you liked it, Katherine. I think Charon is too busy with his own concerns, caring for his daughter, at that moment, so the whole world could blow apart, he would be still focused on her care. Blessings and have a great day!

  5. What a weird position, to be the daughter of the Ferryman. I never consider his dilemma during an epidemic. I wonder if it's physically and emotionally draining. Cool perspective.