Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NaPoWriMo - # 3 The Old Ways

Haiku - The Old Ways    

not lost are the old
our ways hidden in shadows
but never gone far

In this Haiku I wanted to honor my spiritual path, as a Pagan Witch. The connection to the Old Ways of healing, magick, and reverence of nature, via ritual and practice has been an integral part of my life.



  1. Love this! So glad that I came across your blog on the NaPoWriMo site. I'm joining and will be back. )O(

    1. Well, I was going to join. Have you considered adding google follow or networked blogs? Would love to sign up here!

    2. Thanks Tracy, please feel free to leave a link to your blog and participation in the comment section if you want to. I Networked blogs is a good idea, I will check on that shortly. Blessings!