Thursday, April 11, 2013

NaPoWriMo Poem # 11 - Run Away With Me

Run Away With Me

do take me with you
not leaving behind my only
chance of escaping

the hopeless mornings
drifting into another
I pray you hear me

Lover, I dare to
jump into the new waters
taking us away far

new dawn, brighter ever more
embracing our love

content in another life

I had no idea what form I was going to use on this poem, neither had I decided upon today's topic, while having a few ideas dancing around my head all day, finally this poem of desperation and love took form. It is written in a chain of haiku, framed by the headline and a closing line - which seemed naturally frame the story it holds within.
I am not sure where the picture was taken, it was marked as "Bay"  - if you recognize the place or you are the original owner of the picture, let me now and I will take it down.

Blessed Be!

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