Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NaPoWriMo Poem # 9 I Am Weeping

I Am Weeping......

I am weeping....
for the children with stolen futures
torn homes and hearts, hungry

I am weeping....
for all the animals killed senselessly
pure entertainment for the sick

I am weeping....
for the trees suffering needlessly
broken down to make space for greed

I am weeping....
hoping that my tears merging with yours
will fill rivers and oceans

I will be weeping....
until we finally change for the better.

This poem was inspired today by the picture of a politician next to an elephant he had just taken down. My heart breaks each and every time I see such senseless killing, and it makes me wonder where our humanity has gone. Too many times do I hear about hunger, environmental destruction, abuse, killing and murder of people and animals. Sometimes my tears are hidden inward, other times I feel like screaming for those who do not have a voice.
May you never be one of these whom I cry for, and may you never be the cause of our weeping.

Goddess blessings!

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