Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NaPoWriMo Poem # 10 - Death


final hours of life come
not the end but transition
new beginnings rise

In Tarot, death does not mean the absolute end of everything, nor necessarily physical death, but the end of a phase and/or situation that allows the possibility of a new beginning, a new start toward another phase in life.
 In my faith, physical death also is not the end, but a re-merging with the energy of the Universe, entering a place of total awareness while waiting for the right time to re-merge into a physical experience.
In the last few weeks Death in many forms, some physical some in many other aspect,s has made its presence in my life, but never without the promise of anew situations and experiences. While death and the transition it causes are not comfortable, the opening it leaves behind can be a step closer to where we want to be in the journey of our soul in its many existence.
Not to fear death, but to embrace it as a part of life, is the message I would like to share with you today. Nothing is eternally fixed, only the fact that change is always present, is.

Blessed Be!

P.S. The image is from "The Legacy of the Divine Tarot" by Ciro Machetti, and it is the tarot set that I primarily work with (for a shameless plug, if you would like a free reading - 3 cards - leave me a message in the comment section and I will get back to you)

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