Friday, April 12, 2013

NaPoWriMo Poem # 12 Theater


empty still
energy rising quietly
the room fills

exited whispers
echoing against the curtain
red velvet separation

heartbeat skips
as the story calls my name
mesmerized I merge
with the stage

Reading screenplays as well as running across a poem and a few quotes from my hero, the greatest in film making, Charlie Chaplin, this poem emerged. I love the theater, and I deeply love cinema, with a great respect for those who brought forth great stories in flesh. Older movies, brilliant productions without the tricks of the trade, that are now available, still have their timeless appeal, and me firmly under their spell. So do some of the new ones, whom with the creative geniuses that make up the film industry, have mesmerized and gifted me and my family with hours of entertainment.
Just like I could not imagine my life without books, I could not imagine my life without the Theater and Film.

Blessed Be!

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