Monday, April 8, 2013

NaPoWriMo Poem # 8 K-9


tried and true
found behind the bars
of a pound
... devotion

bonded connection
happiness licking my face
through tears
.... gratitude

letting go
your life too short
heart aching
.... Goodbye

I am a dog lover, very much attached to my two rescues. As writing companions they inspire me often, such as in this moment with my cinquain poem "K-9". Although their live is short, their love is bigger then their little, and sometimes not so little bodies. Unconditional devotion, if they are treated right, is a gift they give without hesitation and much more freely then humans do.
Let me inspire you to rescue a dog (or a cat if you are inclined) from your local human society, or if you can not donate what you can spare to their cause. As they give freely, we should give as well.

Blessed Be!

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